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We offer you a wide range of personal banking solutions uniquely designed to help you grow. Below is one of AgriMicro Investment Bank’s personal banking packages.

Smart Kids Save (SKS)

Product Features

  • Minimum opening amount is 50 EUR only.
  • Minimum account balance is 50 EUR only
  • Opening balances of 100 EUR and above will attract branded gift item.
  • Regular periodic lodgement through standing instructions or direct payments

The Smart Kids Save is targeted at children up to the age of 12


To encourage a savings culture at an early age
The children will be introduced to the AgriMicro Investment Bank culture of savings in a childlike manner. (Piggy bank)
Unlike most other children’s savings account, we intend to actively involve kids to create self assurance in their understanding of money, how it works and how to save wisely.


The Kids are entitled to branded gifts like exercise books, pencils and pens once the account is opened.
A special SKS branded gift item will be given immediately if the account is opened with more than 100.00 EUR.
Occasions like birthdays will be recognized (birthday card).