AgriMicro Investment Bank

AgriMicro Investment Bank Personal Banking

We offer you a wide range of personal banking solutions uniquely designed to help you grow. Below is one of AgriMicro Investment Bank’s personal banking packages.

Student Account

The Easy Savers Account is a hybrid of a regular current and Savings account as it seeks to incorporate some of the features of one into the other. It is essentially a savings account with some features of a current account.

  • No initial deposit required to open an Easy Savers Account.
  • Interest is paid at prevailing AgriMicro Investment Bank Savings account rate.
  • Free access to E-banking.
  • Allows lodgement of dividends warrants and all clearing instruments.
  • Personalized cheque book ″Valid for clearing″.
  • Optional COT.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • COT charges will be applied if debits exceed four (4) times in a month.
  • o earn interest, maintain a minimum account balance of one hundred Euro (100 EUR) only, for individuals.
  • To earn interest, maintain minimum opening balance of four hundred Euro (400 EUR) only, for sole proprietors.
  • Non-borrowing account.
  • Pick an account opening form from any AgriMicro Investment Bank branch.
  • Complete the account opening form and submit the following documents at any of our branches
  • Duly completed account opening forms and signature mandate cards.
  • One passport photograph of authorized signatory.
  • Copies of valid IDs (Drivers license, international passport or any other acceptable ID as the Bank deems fit).
  • A copy of a utility bill issued within the last three months.